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Inflammation plays an essential role in helping the body to fight infection, repair damaged tissue, and restore normal system functions. Unfortunately, when this process becomes persistent and unregulated, it becomes detrimental to the overall health status of the horse. Many equine athletes suffer from the effects of excess inflammation while training and competing, and as a result will experience soreness, persistent respiratory conditions, and an overall reduction in performance. As horses age, they become increasingly susceptible to the harmful effects of chronic inflammation, leading to a loss in vitality and diminishing quality of life.

Equithrive has developed a novel approach to manage chronic inflammation with a process called “gene expression therapy”. Our products contain an ingredient called resveratrol that has been proven to target and deactivate individual genes that play a role in promoting inflammation, thus restoring normal balances within the body. Resveratrol has been widely documented in both research and the media as the anti-inflammatory “red wine” molecule, since it is found in highest concentrations in red grapes. Fortunately, you don’t have to start giving your horse a bottle of pinot a day to help them benefit from this discovery! Equithrive products contain a high quality research-proven source of resveratrol for horses. They are available in easily administered oral dosage forms rather than by injection. Equithrive products will not aggravate gastric ulcers, are safe for use with other medications and supplements, and contain no substances that are banned in racing and competitive jurisdictions.

Trials performed at the Gluck Equine Research Center confirmed that resveratrol treatment significantly reduced the amount of pro-inflammatory molecules in the bloodstream. The study determined that just 1-2 grams of resveratrol per day, the amount found in the standard dose of Equithrive, was enough to cause these beneficial effects. In the field, trainers and horse owners have noticed an improvement in the health, comfort, and performance level in horses receiving equine resveratrol therapy. If you are interested in more technical details on the research trial, please click here.

Resveratrol must be in a purified and bioavailable formulation in order to be effective. Equithrive products contain a proprietary form of resveratrol called “Resverasyn™”. This is composed of 99% pure resveratrol that has been micronized and encapsulated. Micronization reduces the particle to a size where it is easily absorbed by the body, and encapsulation provides a coating that both protects the bioactive resveratrol from deterioration and increases the distribution of the molecule to affected tissues.

To learn more about Resverasyn™ and how it differs from other resveratrol products, visit our “What is Resveratrol” section.